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SEO Jump Start FREE Challenge

You’ve heard that SEO will help you get found on Google and decrease your marketing time … but every time you try to get started, the tutorials make you want to hide in your Batcave.

Learn to promote your business so that Google loves you and your ideal clients are dying to hire you.

Enter your details below to join me for a FREE 5-day SEO Jump Start challenge, May 13-18.

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Attract & Activate - starts September 3

Being found on Google is easier than you think! You just need to write focused content by using SEO keyword research to read your clients minds.

In just one month, you’ll know exactly what to write every week to become known for your target topic.

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Free SEO Video Trainings

FREE trainings, in bite-sized portions (30-40 minutes per lesson), to get started with SEO research and strategy.

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SEO Workbook: Make Your Blogs Magnetic to Customers

It's tough to get all the right words in the right places to get your website found on Google.

So in this workbook, I’m breaking my down my 7-step process to simplify your planning & write search-friendly blog posts: you’ll know what to talk about, how to write it, and where to promote it so that your website will get more traffic from Google (and, if you follow steps 1-3 correctly: more sales).

(Superhero hint: you’ll probably actually write fewer blog posts that are higher quality. I’m giving you permission to do less, better.)

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Free Resources!

Fill your superhero utility belt with these free SEO resources.

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How's (your social) doin'?

This challenge will help you discover whether all the time you're spending on social media -- giving value in Facebook groups, sharing blog posts to Twitter, looping images on Pinterest, or adding a #linkinprofile on Instagram -- is ACTUALLY directing traffic to your website.

Join this free 3-part training on ...

⓵ understanding which social platforms are sending the most traffic to your website

⓶ discovering which pages on your website are getting the most social traffic

⓷ viewing which social media is working best for each type of content

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