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SEO Sidekick Services

White label SEO add-ons to service packages

for agencies, copywriters, designers & strategists 

This is for you if …

  • You’re a business coach, digital strategist, copywriter or designer
  • You want to offer SEO services to your clients (but you don’t want to learn all the tactics yourself)
  • You already have a team in place to work on strategy & implementation (or your client has a budget to hire my team)
  • You need someone to provide the data collection & brief assessment, either just to you or directly to your client
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Book an intro call

1 Lessons

Want to talk about how bundling SEO into your client services would work? Let's hop on a video chat to discuss.

SEO Packages

4 Lessons

Wondering what an SEO package could look like for your client?

Check out my base packages, with "starting at" prices ... and we can use these as a jumping-off point to customize what your client needs.

Google AdWords add-on

2 Lessons

Once we have the keyword research & SEO stats, we can pour fuel on the fire to increase conversions by including paid search ads. 

Conversion Bottleneck Report

1 Lessons

Is something STUCK in your sales process? The bottleneck could be ...

  • in your search results -- people are seeing your listing, but not clicking through to your website. 
  • on the homepage -- people are seeing your beautiful face, but not filling out your contact form.
  • on your landing page -- people are getting to your site, but not exploring your products.
  • in your checkout -- people seem interested, but they're abandoning their carts.

What if you could find the problem and reduce the friction ... without needing to overhaul your entire website?


Admin & taxes & contracts, oh my!

1 Lessons

Swipe copy

1 Lessons

Here are some benefits of SEO, written like sales copy, for you to use it in your proposals or on your website. 

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