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I share one free 30-40 minute SEO-related training every month, then provide follow-up support in my free Facebook Group.

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SEO Essentials

3 Lessons

You’ve heard SEO can help clients find you, drive traffic to your website, and build brand awareness.
But how the heck does it work?!

What KEYWORDS is your site ranking for?

5 Lessons

If you know you have search traffic but you don't actually know what phrases people are using to find you, this is for you! 

Learn to use Google's free Search Console tool to find the keywords your site is ranking for.

(And discover my secret weapon to discover the best keywords of the bunch!)

Improving existing content using Google Search data

4 Lessons

You know what Search Console is and have it installed on your site ... but what do you DO with that information?!

Here are 3 ways you can use the data from Search Console to improve the performance of your blog posts.

SEO Starter Kit - free download!

1 Lessons

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